About Pragmatic Consult

Counseling, development and implementation of IT solutions using the latest technology is what we deliver at Pragmatic Consult.

We focus on handling IT environments, and our core service is our environment handling software, PEM (Pragmatic Environment Management), which we have developed for the purposes of configuring, installing, managing and monitoring IT environments.

Our specialists are skilled craftsmen with solid experience in project management and system architecture, and we know what it takes to ensure the successful completion of a project.

We are focused on developing PEM with the goal of handling IT management environments capable of handling up to 1,000 servers, and our long-term ambition is to be the leading supplier in the field of environment handling software based on the following points and more:

  1. Being the only provider of the unique product PEM
  2. Saving companies 10% of their expenses for development projects.
  3. Saving our customers a lot of time which instead can be used for growing the company.
  4. Raising the customer satisfaction of Pragmatic's clients as well as their own customers.
  5. Targeting large as well as smaller companies with tailor suited solutions.

In short, what your company gains from PEM is:

  1. Large savings of money and time.
  2. Focus on growing your company, not on tedious technical problems rendering you dependent on experts.
  3. Higher satisfaction of your customers.

With Pragmatic Consult as your Vendor, your Benefits Include:

  • Knowledge - We are experts in our field. We have many years of experience and we pride ourselves at being at the front of our game. This ensures high quality functional solutions.
  • Flexibility - We adapt our solutions to your needs. Regardless of whether your business faces a smaller or larger task, Pragmatic Consult will tailor the expert solution you need.
  • It pays off - At Pragmatic Consult, our work has one overriding purpose: To enable growth and strengthen the competitive edge for our clients. This is achieved by saving our customers lots of money and time, superseding the dependency on experts, liberating time and energy which can be focused on the development and operations of the company, in short furnishing growth and competitiveness.

Our focus,
your advantage!

- Knowledge
- Flexibility
- It Pays Off

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